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  • Ultra thin 4.000 mah wireless 5w charging powerbank

  • 8.000 mah wireless 5w powerbank with type c

  • Dj wireless speaker

  • 360 car phone holder

  • First aid set in pouch

  • 5.000 mah wireless 5w pocket powerbank

  • High density 10.000 mah pocket powerbank

  • 5w wireless charging pad round

  • Wireless speaker

  • Vibe wireless speaker

  • 4.000 mah slim powerbank

  • Aluminium 10.000 mah 5w wireless powerbank

  • 2.200 mah backup battery

  • High density 5.000 mah pocket powerbank

  • Universal phone sport armband

  • 10w wireless fast charging stand

  • Kiev measuring tape - 3m/16mm

  • 1.000 mah keychain powerbank

  • 5.000 mah pocket powerbank with integrated cables

  • Wireless charger speaker

  • 2.200 mah powerbank

  • 8.000 mah powerbank

  • Aluminium 5.000 mah wireless 5w pocket powerbank

  • Wireless earbuds in pouch

  • Geometric wireless speaker

  • 4.600 mah thin powerbank

  • Double usb car charger

  • Mail size first aid kit

  • 4.000 mah 5w wireless charging powerbank

  • 4.000 mah type c powerbank

  • 10.000 mah aluminium pocket powerbank

  • Aluminium 5.000 mah pocket powerbank

  • Wireless 10w fast charging pad

  • Kiev measuring tape - 5m/19mm

  • Bbm wireless speaker

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Having doubts about the quality or the actual color of any given Ritter pen? Order up to 5 individual free Ritter pen samples online in the same cart (one each design). Use the the coupon code RITTER in check-out. The offer is limited to one shipment per project.

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We offer a 5% cash discount on online orders received before March 31st 2021 when paying with a credit card. The discount will be deducted during check out when selecting card payment option. The amount will not be withdrawn from your card before you have accepted the proof.

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Covid-19 is the name of the disease you can get if you become infected with the Corona virus. In the spring of 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 for a pandemic. We are introducing a wide range of protective and assistive devices, all of which are certified to the highest standards. They can all effectively shield users from Covid-19 and be delivered with a positive and dynamic message from the donor much needed in these difficult times.

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The term Post Consumer is used about material that has been used for its original purpose. Typically generated by the private household and handed in in their own waste bin or handed in at the recycling site. The waste can therefore be sold to another party for reuse or recycling. Industrial recycling presupposes that the waste changes owner. For example. when recyclable waste is sold to a company like Ritter Pen in Germany.

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Pre consumer plastic is waste from the manufacturing process. Not included is when materials are recycled that are generated in a process and able to be recycled within the same one that generated it. With high quality, versatility and good availability, recycled plastic can be used in a wide range of products, i.e. household appliances, foils and molded articles. It is a safe and reliable sustainable production.

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One of the oldest natural raw materials and uncut contribute to the reduction of air pollution. Trees get 90% of their nutrition from the atmosphere and only 10% from soil. Wood is a biodegradable material and a renewable resource. Our wooden products are sourced from a variety of woods such as walnut, pine and birch. Wooden products have a natural and durable appearance.

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PLA is a thermoplastic polyester made from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane, therefore also known as "bioplastic". It is biodegradable and has similar properties as petroleumbased plastics, like polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). The most common uses of PLA include plastic films, bottles, and biodegradable medical devices, while PLA fibre can also replace non-renewable polyester textiles.

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Cotton is a natural raw material made of the soft fibres covering and protecting the seeds of the cotton plant. These are then spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile used in the production of fashion garments, towels and home textiles. Also used in fishing nets, coffee filters, tents, cotton paper, and in bookbinding. Cotton recycling is a machine that shreds the fabric into yarn and further into raw fibre.

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Three sources of paper waste can be recycled. Mill- and Pre-consumer waste from before it was used. Post-consumer waste can be collected after it has been used. Includes waste paper from offices, homes and packaging. 40% of paper pulp comes from wood, of which only 10% of pulp is made from tree cuts, the rest from waste wood that was burnt. Paper companies plant trees to regrow forests and these trees account for approx. 15% of world pulp production.

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Bamboo is a very flexible and strong material. Therefore it is also used as a construction material. It is naturally antibacterial, which makes it a convenient material to use in the production of toothbrushes, combs and other bathroom accessories. Fabric made of bamboo fibre is also used for clothes and diapers.

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Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree; it is a natural raw material. It is a renewable resource because the cork tree is not cut down, only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork, after which the tree immediately begins to grow new bark. The trees live for 200+ years. It is biodegradable and recyclable. Cork is used to make stoppers for wine and champagne bottles or ground up and made into products like flooring, shoes, cork boards, insulation and other products.

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Glass is a strong, extremely durable and very decorative material. It is made from natural ingredients, mainly sand, without chemical or other additives, making it the safest packaging for food and beverages. It has many other versatile applications, for example window panes, optics, in communication networks and also thermally insulating material. It is 100% recyclable and refillable.

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PET material collected for recycling is carefully separated and cleaned in the process. Sorted bottles are ground into "flakes". These flakes then are thoroughly washed in more stages to remove any residue of dirt or foreign materials. The material is heated to melt the plastic that is extruded into strands and chopped into tiny pellets. Pelletized plastic provides a uniform-sized material that can be reintroduced into the manufacturing process, RPET.

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Wheat straw is an agricultural by-product. It is the stalk that is left behind after wheat grains are harvested. Reusing this natural waste also reduces the need for disposal, which is often accomplished through burning it, contributing to air pollution. Fibre-reinforced plastics are composite materials that are made by combining plastics (like PP or ABS) with natural wheat straw fibres. This combination provides a more flexible and durable material.

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  • Ritter Bio-Pen

  • Ritter Bio-Insider

  • Ritter Bio-Insider

  • Ritter Bio-Clear

  • Ritter Bio-Fresh

  • Ritter Organic

  • Ritter Bio-Star

  • Ritter Carton I

  • Ritter Carton II

  • Ritter Bio-Mix




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